#vogue Cover – Inspired by Helen Dryden & Marc Jacobs

There is a whole story behind this illustration. I never draw just anything. I always get inspired by something or someone. My love for illustrating started when i was very little. The old fashion magazines were full of beautiful hand made painted illustrations. They were so magical.

I got inspired by a cover of Vogue magazine dated June 1, 1919 illustrated by Helen Dryden. When i saw the clothes, i immediately thought of MARC JACOBS Spring collection 2020. The colorful hat and that gorgeous yellow dress. I saw a cover of the new Vogue Spain magazine, March 2020 with the lovely Hailey Bieber and decided to draw her. She has that classic Hollywood face that definitely fits this illustration.

HELEN DRYDEN 1882 – 1972

Was an American artist and successful industrial designer in the 1920s and 1930s. During her early childhood Dryden showed unusual artistic ability, designing and selling clothes for paper dolls and dresses to a newspaper for use in its fashion section. This turn led to a position as an illustrator for Anne Rittenhouse’s fashion articles in the Philadelphia Public Ledger and the Philadelphia Press. She worked for Vogue from 1909 – 1922. Her “essentially” romantic style produced some of the most appealing, yet fantastical images on Vogue covers. She also illustrated other Condé Nast titles, including Vanity fair and House and Garden. She was reportedly described by the New York Times as being the highest paid woman artist in the United States, trough she lived in comparative poverty in later days.

Condé Nast Vogue cover – Hailey Bieber.
Inspired by Helen Dryden & Marc Jacobs

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