#marcjacobs drawn together With Chloe Wise

On april 7 i sketched live with Chloe Wise on Instagram. Chloe Wise is a New York based artist. Marc Jacobs introduced #drawntogether since the first of April 2020, to let other artists show their techniques on instagram live so you can join in and sketch while an artist is teaching how to do it. You can participate every tuesday and every tuesday it’s another artist. Even though i am no longer a beginner, it’s really fun to do. It feels good to be artistically active with others and be digitally connected. I finished my sketch the next morning, it was a little late for me (6 hours time difference)

Drawntogether Marc Jacobs – Chloe Wise

I really love the Victorian Snakeskin-Embossed leather ankle boot from Marc Jacobs. Thanks to Chloe Wise for your energetic and cheerful way of explaining.

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