#harpersbazaar Cover April 1958 Ivy Nicholson

I painted this illustration to give some happiness and joy to the world. Because i think we can use some these days. I want to dedicate this illustration to love, because love conquers all.

Harper’s Bazaar is an American monthly woman’s fashion magazine, first published based in New York City on 18 67 as the weekly Harpers Bazar. This photo made in 1985, was shot by Louise Dahl – Wolfe. She is known primarily for her work for Harper’s Bazaar, in association with fashion editor Diana Vreeland, From 1936 to 1958 Dahl Wolfe was staff fashion photographer at Harpers Bazaar, She was an innovator and influencer who significantly contributed to the fashion world.

Ivy Nicholson ( model)

Started modeling at the age of 16, and became very successful, gracing the covers of Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. There are thousand of photographs of Ivy Nicholson, some of them are from the 1950’s when the Brooklyn born beauty worked as a model in Paris.

Harpers Bazaar cover 1958 – Ivy Nicholson

#freeartcoordinated /Iris van Herpen

My second #freeartcoordinated this month. The second illustration took a bit longer. Since saturday 30 november 2019 the 2nd free art is waiting for a new owner. This time somewhere in the city of Hoorn, the Netherlands. To be precise in north holland. I announced on istagram stories which coordinates you will have to use to find it. To make it easier to find i also gave two hints.

The fashion illustration has not yet been found.

The coordinates:


Hint one:

My #free art is on a pin board at this location

Hint two:

You can eat there, the sandwiches they sell are round. Originally a polish product, introduced to the united states by Jewish immigrants.

Iris van Herpen – Shift Souls – Liza Makeeva



This Iris van Herpen Couture collection was inspired by early examples of celestial cartography and its representations of mythological and astrological chimera, Van Herpen was particularly taken with “Harmonia Macrocosmica,” a star atlas by the German-Dutch cartographer Andreas Cellarius, published in 1600.

Source: www.irisvanherpen.com


Iris van Herpen is a dutch fashion designer. Ever since her first collection Fall 2008 RTW, I have been in love with the way she add detail, innovation and form to her collection. She deserves a bigger stage in the netherlands, just like her dutch colleagues who are couture masters. That’s why I choose something from Iris van Herpen, to show how beautiful the things she makes are. The model that is wearing her couture spring 2019 face jewelry, is the lovely liza makeeva.

I hope i soon will see who is the lucky one to find this #freeartcoordinated illustration.

#DRAWADOTVERSACEVIRTUS Versace/Draw a dot submission

My sneakpeek for #drawadotversacevirtus @versace @donatella_versace @drawadot

To celebrate the launch of the new Versace Virtus bag, there was an illustration open call for this beautiful collection. Donatella Versace herself will choose a winner. On November 6th, the winning piece will be posted on Donatella Versace’s Instagram account. The top 9 illustrations will be released on the Draw a Dot Instagram account on November 7th, 8th and 9th 2019. (3 illustrations a day)

I have been a big fan of Versace since the 90s when I was in Fashionschool. How cool is it to illustrate for Donatella Versace. I am showing you a small teaser of my illustration. It’s about love, unity, and connection in eternity. After November 6th I will show you my full illustration. So wish me luck!

My submission for @drawadotversacevirtus

Here is an update of the #drawadotversacevirtus submission. This is my complete entry for the #drawadotversacevirtus. There were many entries and beautifully made.
You can see my illustration on Drawadot facebook page listed with all entries.
Unfortunately I am not among the best 9. I really enjoyed making it. @versace liked the two #sneakpeaks and the full illustration i posted, so that made me very happy


#guccigirl @likarigvava for @gucci

Inspired by my hero Keith Haring I thought, lets leave my work behind somewhere.

Like he left his in the subways. I wanted to leave my illustration at some place once a month. And give an illustration away every month. And let people search for it, by the coordinates I give them. The only thing I ask is to follow me on instagram, share and tag me, and show me where my illustration ends up.

And I thought how nice it would be to make someone happy with a free illustration, even if its a small gesture that I give with love. I think in this world it’s really about being willing to share and give something of value away.

@silentmutterings found my #GUCCIGIRL at @kebunbistro in Ubud, Bali

My first #freeartcoordinated was successful. It Felt so good to make someone in the world happy with my fashion illustration. This GucciGirl was found at Kebun Bistro in Ubud, Bali. One of my favorite places in Ubud, because of the unique atmosphere. The lucky winner @silentmutterings has shown his happiness in an artistic way. He is happy with it and i really love that. Congrats!

So wait and see, this month its time again for #freeartcoordinated


On februari 14th, 2019 Marc Jacobs showed his Fall collection at Park Avenue Armory in New York.

I found Marc Jacob’s Fall 2019 collection very beautiful. I have chosen one of my favorite items for my illustration. This was worn on the runway by Aivita muze. I found her appearance very catchy. I love the art deco style so much and gave this illustration a bit of an authentic atmosphere. Hope you like this one!

It made me very happy that marc jacobs could appreciate my illustration, thank you Marc Jacobs

My artwork for the Rijksmuseum

Cornelia Inspired by Rembrandt van Rijn

On March 30th i digitally send my artwork for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It is 350 years ago this year, that Rembrandt van Rijn (the dutch artist in the golden age) died.

The Rijksmuseum gives artists the space to hand in their work and if you are selected, it may be possible that your work will be displayed at the summer exhibition. I am very enthusiastic and of course hope that my artwork will be accepted. And then you can seen my work at the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum, that would be fantastic.

My painting is inspired by Rembrandt, after researching his life i started sketching. The story came alive during my research. I will keep the story behind it for myself for now. But i will tell you more about it later. Wish me luck! #langleverembrandt

In the meantime there have been selections and unfortunately my artwork is not included. I really enjoyed participating and was delighted to be inspired by rembrandt.

The love, the symbolism, the marriage, the intimacy. Rembrandt and his wife Saskia and their love story.

A period of blossom and prosperity, but still those misfortune. The couple had four children, three of whom died shortly after birth. Titus, the youngest child, lived the longest. The first Child was a boy, and two girls (both named Cornelia). So i painted one daughter Cornelia as an adult woman in a beautiful white exotic dress, with blue images of Rembrandt’s most famous work, the act of love, the lion, his beloved wife Saskia van Uylenburg and an image of the master painter himself. A white dress as a symbol of death. Cornelia is wearing a Silver wedding heart, with an image of a mother and a child in a crib with those beautiful words engraved, “Love is the beginning, that is beyond everything, because where there is no love, one cannot praise God there, “it says. In the background the church Sint Anna parochie in Friesland where her parents were married. The lost daughter “Cornelia” the second child of Saskia and Rembrandt who died after birth. Born from love. Child mortality was common in the 17th century, immortalizing your child on canvas was not strange in this period.

One year after giving birth to son Titus, his beloved wife Saskia died in 1642 from tuberculosis. The exact location where Saskia was buried in the Oude Kerk (Amsterdam) was established in the fifties of the twentieth century by archivist Bep Bijtelaar. Her name with date of death was carved in an old tombstone on that spot. Every year on March 9 at exactly eight past eight in the morning the sun falls on the grave. Rembrandt never married again. I believe they married out of love.

My artwork as a symbol for Love and loss, an ode to Rembrandt and Saskia.

Fashion week online – New York, January 14th 2019


Today I am on the front page of fashionweekonline with 6 of my most recent fashion illustrations and my biography.

2019 starts very well for me and I am so very happy.

FashionWeekOnline.com is your one-stop fashion week resource, with live streams from the Big 4, private runway shows, interviews with fashion influencers, designers, stylists and models, plus shopping during fashion week.  

What an honor to be on their page. I want to thank fashionweekonline and @pablostar for this opportunity, thank you. ❤︎

Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 RTW – New York, september 13th 2018

Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 RTW – Lily Nova

Chalky Candy colors and ruffles and volume with giant rosetts punctuating it all. Even the models hair had been bleached and then dyed cotton candy hurs before swept up in perfect ’60s style barbie bouffant pony tails. 
This wonderful collection was made by the talented -MARC JACOBS-

This beauty i painted is model Lily Nova.

I was so exited that Marc Jacobs liked the illustration, but when i realized that this illustration appeared on his art collection on Pinterest i could not believe it. So proud and happy my illustration was seen on @marcjacobs illustration art collection on Pinterest! Especially enthusiastic because it is the second time my illustration is on his art page. Thank you Mr. Jacobs!
Love Love Love!

Marc Jacobs on Pinterest
Marc Jacobs on Pinterest
Marc Jacobs on Pinterest

Manish Aroma Spring 2019 RTW

Manish Arora Spring 2019 RTW

Manish Arora kicked off a vigorous spring show on september 27 th of 2018 in Paris, with a colorful portrait of beloved French football star Kylian Mbappé on the front of a T-shirt; the back read “Girls just wanna have fun.” Source: wwd.com

One of my favorite designers and there are to many items of his Spring 2019 collection to draw them all. But i would love to. A bright and colorful uplifting Spring collection. This is definitely what the world needs these fresh, spiritual, bright and vibrant colors. And this lovely and beautiful waistbag! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Manish Arora loved this illustration, his favorite 8 appeared on his instagram account. My illustration is the 5th one. Posted on 12 november 2018 on @manisharorafashion

I am honored, Thank you.



This LCD Screen Handbag is awesome!

-FALL 2018-

It’s one of the fab items of Ward Stegerhoek’s WARDEMENTS FALL 2018 collection. The limited edition db chronicle bag allows you to personalize and carry your own video where ever you go. The chronicle bag is provided with an usb calble to add/remove the video’s. For his collection he collaborated with the talented Diana Broussard.


His collection is famous among models. The Dutch born hairstylist rose to fame in the early nineties working with former Vogue Paris Editor-in Chief Carine Roitfeld and stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, taming the coifs of supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Shiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Eva Herzigova and many more.


I can hardly believe it, but it is really true. WARDEMENTS liked my illustration! Wich you can see on @wardements

Thank you Mr. Ward Stegerhoek for the repost. You made me very happy!