#harpersbazaar Cover April 1958 Ivy Nicholson

I painted this illustration to give some happiness and joy to the world. Because i think we can use some these days. I want to dedicate this illustration to love, because love conquers all.

Harper’s Bazaar is an American monthly woman’s fashion magazine, first published based in New York City on 18 67 as the weekly Harpers Bazar. This photo made in 1985, was shot by Louise Dahl – Wolfe. She is known primarily for her work for Harper’s Bazaar, in association with fashion editor Diana Vreeland, From 1936 to 1958 Dahl Wolfe was staff fashion photographer at Harpers Bazaar, She was an innovator and influencer who significantly contributed to the fashion world.

Ivy Nicholson ( model)

Started modeling at the age of 16, and became very successful, gracing the covers of Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. There are thousand of photographs of Ivy Nicholson, some of them are from the 1950’s when the Brooklyn born beauty worked as a model in Paris.

Harpers Bazaar cover 1958 – Ivy Nicholson

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