Last Monday Shoe

For one year I have illustrated a shoe every Monday. Monday the 5th of March 2018 I showed my last Monday Shoe on Instagram

I really enjoyed doing it, there are so many beautiful, special and gorgeous shoes and there will be more shoes made in the future. Too much to draw. That does not mean that I do not illustrate shoes anymore, but not on a Monday. The last “Monday Shoe”  i illustrated was from



This shoe was first shown at the runway on March 1th at Paris Fashion Week. Designer Manish Arora gives a spiritual and colorful feeling with this collection. “Pink and Gold is my religion’ – Manish Arora –

This shoe makes me very happy! I’am totally grazy about these wooden block sandels. LOVE LOVE LOVE

I was pleased to see that Manish Arora could appreciate that I had illustrated his shoe, because there was a repost on his Instagram page. How proud you can feel to experience that, and so special that the last shoe gets that attention.

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